Twin Angels

It’s been a hectic few days yet again! Just busy with the house, an ongoing but exciting process of making our home more beautiful. So been pottering around and so enthusiastically that during the day, I have little time to paint. Not to worry, I spend the evenings relaxing in front of the TV or Netflix having a Procreate scribble on my iPad. Having time to properly paint during the Festive Season this year will be quite limited I’m afraid since it is doubtful if I could complete a themed painting by Christmas Day. But that’s ok too since I’ve been having so much fun preparing a trilogy of digital art instead. And get ready for the first one!

O Christmas Tree…

First thing we think of about Christmas is a tree of course! Started with a taupe square background and drew with a green Medium Airbrush a triangle shape with rounded corners for some kawaii effect. Added a layer below it and painted the bark in brown. Then with one of Jason’s Expressive Brushes (purchased add-on), I introduced some Leafy Green Mix on the green by carefully running my stylus around the edges and swirling it inwards and then upwards from the bottom for this bush-like appearance. Loving it!

Getting Angelic

A star was then added on top of the tree with one of the Lights Brushes called “Star Trail”. Wow, can we get that any brighter? And now how about an angel next to the tree? In the form of Little One, I painted her in using seperate layers for each part: Hair and Face with Medium airbrush, dress in Flame 3 and Halo in Light Pen 3, both from also the Lights add-on brushes. The shut eyes were doodled in with some glitter pen from the Gold Rush set of brushes, add-ons as well. For the tree bark, I incorporated some Hessian from the preset Procreate brushes before switching the blending mode to Color Dodge.

Decorating the Tree

And here comes the fun part. Tree decorating and making our Angel even more angelic! The baubles were circled in and filled in fluorescent red Neon Tube 2 from the Lights Set before changing the Blending Mode to Hard Mix. Look how gorgeously they all glow! Then some streaks of Glitter Pen for the metal garlands. And now for the Angel’s halo! A combination of white Speckle Dust and Stardust Cloud was scattered around the area. I also ended up tracing over in white the halo itself to make it pop out more. So far so pretty!

Twin Angels

And now, what to do for the rest of the painting? I was not sure what to do, as the tree looked very pretty as is and so did the angel. Yet, the space in the upper left corner could do with something. A moon is not a good idea, but a star? The tree already has a star and a stunning one too so out of question. How about two angels floating on each side of the tree? Great for composition balance yet not too confusing. However, I preferred not to have this big beautiful star outshined by the brightness of halos from two angels. A layer of Stardust Cloud was then introduced to play them down a bit. That then gave me way to work on the background more easily. Whilst wanting to maintain the festive bling factor, I was also hoping to keep this painting a bit simple. All I did for the background then was scribble around the four corners and upper and lower edges some Glitter Dust in gold, a brush from the add-on Gold Rush set. And how cute is this now!

And here is the first part of the Christmas digital painting series! Whilst working on Procreate, I discovered a few more cool things you can do with it too. One of it is the copying and pasting parts on another canvas which could be handy for creating a new painting. Then of course, there is plenty of possibilities for light and shine textures, most useful for the festive season. Let’s see what other kawaii Christmas-themes I can come up with this year. And of course the cute Little Angels will definitely come up again! Just watch this space…


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