Positive Vibes Only!

Hello I’m back! It’s just been a busy week sorting out my stuff, revamping and organizing the home to make it more presentable. Perhaps you could call it the start of space clearing, something that is likely to continue as we settle in our new home. Meanwhile I had very little time to paint, and let’s face it, I could not really get motivated to sit down and focus as my mind was on the house. That said, I started a week ago with a doodle or two in my sketchbook and over the course of the past few days continued working on developing it into a painting!

To Begin With…

The weeks prior to this I have been rather stressed. The house needed a bit of a tidy up and declutter. With ordering so much stuff online (I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan), it is not only a financial strain but also a struggle to find space to put my stuff. I spend half my time figuring where to put what when I could be using my time more productively and hence, I’m trying to curb my purchases and set a limit as to what to add in my collection. And from now, we are seeking a new beginning. Enhancing more POSITIVE VIBES ONLY! And that I expressed explicitly in my sketchbook with my felt pens and yellow paint…

… and Now This!

A variety of acrylic paints were used for the background: gold (Reeves) yellow (Senellier), Orange (Amsterdam Acrylic) and Fluorescent Pink (Sennelier). Letting that all dry, I colored in the letters (fluorescent pink and iridescent purple) and our pink and blue outfits with Holbein’s Acryla Gouache which come out so vividly. Hair and Face I went for water-soluble oil pastels by Art Philosophy, followed by drawing the smiley eyes with Rangers Stickles glitter glue. A series of collages were then introduced to fill in the pages more, including some paper napkins, origami cuttings, stickers, a scrap Hello Kitty label tag and a Japanese dish decoration which is the green grass-like shape on the bottom right corner. Though not too visible in the photo, I further spread some yellow Rangers Stickles glitter gel on the yellow area of the background. Now that’s what I call positive vibes!

Although I could only spend a few hours a day on this, I had a lot of fun working on this “art journal” type painting. It certainly reflects positivity! The bright vivid colors for instance. I love the combination of pink and orange And we always adore the smiling faces don’t we? Flowers and plants always add further good energy into a painting as do shimmer and glitter. Especially as the dreary winter approaches and is here to stay for the next few months, I definitely ought to create more “happy” paintings like this!

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