Safely Arrived But…

The drama about that package from the UK continues! Finally it got cleared at the Dutch Customs after more than a week in custody even after paying my import duties. I had to pick it up at the post office so I excitedly cycled over there only to be told I had duty to pay. “Umm but I paid it already”, I protested, “look at the PostNL app, it says I paid it”. Apparently it didn’t register in their system and the only thing I could do was to pay and claim a refund for paying twice. WTF is this! After arguing with the staff, even getting my BF involved over the phone, I had no choice and reluctantly paid after which we spent a good hour filling in a form and scanning documental evidence. Was not happy of course!

Jotting it all Down

After sending the form to PostNL and now praying for the best, I rushed to my art studio and began jotting down on a memo pad how I was feeling. A great way to vent! My boyfriend HJ, too, was quite sympathetic also concurring what a terribly disorganized company the courier was. He was so sweet to help me fill in all forms and make sure I had all the correct documentation, as my Dutch is not up to scratch yet. Later on, he even cooked dinner for us which was further sweet of him! And hence I added a new note to express how much better I’m feeling and appreciate having a wonderful BF. These notes were cut it in four sections and to be used for my art journal.

Doodling it all Down

Then on the two-page spread of my sketchbook, I proceeded in drawing about my thoughts. Writing about it indeed helped of course, but I needed my sketchbook to further vent and depict a reflection of myself with all the emotional reactions. Praying for hope, helplessness and frustration and finally some relief and gratitude. And why is there a Hello Kitty look-alike in the picture? The items in the package contained a variety of stone crystals including those carved as Hello Kitty. I figured it would make me feel even better to include something as kawaii as her also sharing my frustration! All drawn with my Faber Castell Pitt Artists Pens. They’re great as they are permanent and water-resistant and can withstand layers of paint on top which is my next step….

Putting it all Together

First I painted the background with acrylic ink in Cobalt Blue (Sennelier) and Pearlescent Galactic Blue (Daler Rowney). Once I let that dry, I proceeded in gluing those bits of written memo around the pages. The faces and hair were then further colored in with water-soluble Caran d’ache Neocolor II, with the outfit of Hello Kitty and the heart filled in with the same red markers. And finally for the letters, I opted for fluorescent orange Holbein’s acryla gouache. And now I’m defintely feeling much better!

Still not feeling 100% of course, but writing and drawing about it certainly helped. I also wanted to make it creative as well to cheer me up, even better make it all kawaii for an added boost. What a great exercise this was to jot down my thoughts in writing and drawing! When I’m feeling down and out again for whatever reason and no matter how insignificant, this is definitely the way to go. And now, seeing what will happen with trying to get my money back!


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