And He’s Back!

So boyfriend was away for a week in Austria attending a skiing workshop up in the glacier! A bit too advanced for my rather beginner level and as he is more keen on winter sports than I am, I opted to stay home and enjoy my “me time”. Had plenty to do anyway such as painting a wonderful present for my late-mother’s 90th birthday, tidying up the house more and organizing my Hello Kitty collection which is an on-going project. But I did miss him loads! And between my recently hectic schedule, I made a kawaii digital painting over it!

Procreate Pencil

My paintings typically start with a pencil sketch as I’m not yet as confident with impromptu sketches as I would like to be. On square “paper” then , I sketched away with the Procreate Pencil depicting BF in his skis and me just hanging out at home with my newly-purchased Hello Kitty’s and commemorating mama’s birthday. Gonna make it simple and cartoony today by adding some bear ears for him and bunny ears for myself for fun. So far, so cute!

Let’s Add Some Color!

And here comes the fun part. Instead of the usual Medium Airbrush, I went for crayons instead! Moist Wax and Grainy Sketch from the FTOON Crayons brushes set were used this time. Does anyone else feel that the the texture of crayons sends you back to your childhood? I wanted to recapture that to enhance the kawaii in the painting. Once I was done with coloring us, I experimented again with some texture using metallic shine and glitter: the skis and poles, his goggles, my eyelashes and parts of my costume. Loving it all so far!

Finishing it Up

And now was time to paint the cake and Hello Kitty’s! As they are to be white, this was a good time to switch the background color so the white stands out. Something autumnal that is not orange or yellow was what I had in mind, but I did not want anything too dark as it was not the atmosphere I was looking for. Instead I chose a rather icy green shade this time, which was new for me as I’m always going for vivid bright colors. Not looking too bad even with the white faces of Hello Kitty’s! Finishing touches were then added with some Neon Light Pens for the cake decorations as well as the heart on the bottom right corner. Then some sparkly glitter on his outfit and helmet. And now we’re good to go!

This time a simple yet kawaii sketch of him and me. The crayon brushes worked really well here, giving some wonderful texture and certainly reinforcing the cuteness. This was also a great chance to play round with metal, light and sparkly textures to make the painting pop out more. Incredibly, they go well with the crayons! Also nothing further like more texture or patterns was added to the background, something I normally do. This time, I prefered to make it simpler and be able to see more of the drawn and painted objects floating around the background. I’m happy with the painting as is and love that the focus is on us here. Great to have him back now! And look forward to creating more paintings like this soon!…

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