Crystal Cleansing

A few weeks ago, I was ranting about my package from the UK that took ages to arrive. It was initially stuck at the Dutch Customs for a few weeks after which I was charged duty and immediately paid. Normally, it is then sent to me after a day or two, but a week later still nothing That got me panicking! Then finally I get news that I had to pick it up at the post office, only to be told by the staff that I had to pay duty before they could release it. But I already paid it, I protested. System glitch, I’m told. After arguing with the staff and even getting my Dutch-speaking boyfriend on the phone with them, I had no choice but to pay and contact the courier company for a refund for having paid duty twice. A bit of a hassle having to call them, fill in forms and now still waiting after a week to hear from them. This package must be cursed!

Cleansing and Charging

Funny thing is, the contents of the parcel were stone crystals! All in heart-shaped and Hello Kitty forms. Now aren’t such crystals supposed to give some good energy? That was the whole point of me buying them in the first place. Perhaps there was some negative energy in them, who knows! Perhaps it would be a good idea to rid the curse then. Luckily, the kind seller threw in some freebies including a sage incense stick, a selenite bar and a set of instructions on how to cleanse and charge the crystals. The crystals were firstly placed carefully in a glass bowl. Then I proceeded in burning the incense stick outside and propped it up between the crystals making sure it won’t fall over whilst I waited till it finished smouldering. I am not sure if I did it correctly, but the purpose of that is to eradicate all the negative energy. Following that, I laid the selenite bar on top. Selenite is known to charge good energy, I am told. Okay, I am not a fanatic believer in stuff like this, but since I was not having much luck with the package in which these crystals had been and the Seller provided the cleansing materials for free, I thought what’s the harm in giving it a shot?

Painting About It

Just for fun, I photographed this last bit to share on Facebook. And what a cool photo it was! Looking at it, I was very much inclined to paint about it too. The color combination as well as the layout and composition certainly made it all appealing. Perhaps an abstract digital painting would be a good start! And on my Procreate app, I imported the photo and traced over each stone with the Medium Airbrush, allocating a new layer for each so I can introduce textures later. Each stone had their unique shape and characteristic which made it more the interesting to work on. As for the textures, a variety of shading, metallic, glitter and lights brushes and blending modes were experimented with. How exciting was that! I savored every minute of trying out different possibilities, as you can imagine.

Enhancing the Energy

And now for the background and the master of the crystals, the selenite bar! I figured red would be a perfect color for the background, given the existing color scheme and also it is a very energetic color. To add, red is considered auspicious in China. And then I traced over the upside down arch from the glass bowl with the Star Trail brush from the Lights set, further enhancing it with the Vivid Light blending mode. Finally, the selenite bar was traced over with one of the Flame brushes also from the Lights set whilst I illustrated its magical energy with some Speckle Dust and Dotty Blush from the Schill Art set. A little tweak here and there with the other crystals, and now we have it!

Although this painting is basically painting over an existing photograph (a bit of cheating), I wanted to focus on the various shapes, colors and textures of the stones. It just makes a cool abstract piece! And this got me started: I now would like to produce an analog version of this! That’s right, by actually painting on a square canvas or canvas board. What fun that would be! In that case, I will need to sketch it first on the board so it will not be an exact replica of the photo, but never mind. It’ll also make an interesting abstract piece. And for now, all I can do is to pray for more positive vibes around us, and hope I get my refund soon!

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