August Garden

After a two and half week vacation, it is great to be back home although we did enjoy our break. One of the wonderful things we noticed was how much the plants have grown in our garden! The flowers and the green look even more abundant as ever before, thanks to my partner who had built this brilliant system of getting the garden sprinklers working remotely from abroad via an app. So magical! Oh and before you judge about the water usage amid this heatwave in Europe, relax; it’s only switched on when needed and every few days. And now, what a paradise we’ve come back to! And what perfect timing as I can now take this opportunity to share a digital painting I had been working on a few weeks ago, prior to our departure.

The Background

For starters, I imported a photograph of one of my past paintings and enlarged it to fit the whole screen. It is actually a Gelli Print on black paper created with stencil and a blend of green acrylic paint depicting a bunch of leaves and greenery. So pretty isn’t it? Whilst that one gradually developed into a painting, I am glad I photographed it before painting over it because I can now use it as a “template” and recreate another cool artwork!

One Flower

Once that background was imported and tweaked to fit the whole “page”, I doodled a random flower in magenta pink using the Square Detailer Brush from Jason’s Washes & Watercolor set. It took some time to find a suitable brush as was looking for something transparent for the patterns below to show through yet allowing the color to pop out. I quite liked this one. But then what’s next?

Let the Flowers Multiply!

I thought it would be an idea to copy and paste the flower but create another effect with it. And hence an opportunity to play around with the Blending Modes! As I got started, I continued multiply the flowers, each with a different mode: Normal, Colour, Colour Burn, Add and Vivid Light. Can you guess which one is which? Look what effects each mode has with using just the same one color! I also deliberately got the flowers to overlap to see what happens. How cool is that! And now a stunning floral abstract painting…

What a fun experiment that was! Here I began with importing a photograph of one of my past paintings then discovering the various possibilities with the Blending Mode to create something interesting. I ought to explore this further and see what other stunning and special effects we can come up with. Here is a great start and looking forward to more!

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