Off to Camargue!

Currently on vacation now with a road-trip to southern France. And what a wonderful time I’m having here! Apologies for being off the radar lately as not been able to find the spare time to blog, let alone get a hotel here with decent internet connection. Before leaving, though, I managed to finish a kawaii watercolor and gouache painting. So excited about the trip we were that I got here a simple one of us in the Camargue, an area we had never been to but been on our bucket list!

Pencil Sketch

So what’s the deal with Camargue you ask? It’s an area in the south west of France with heavy wetlands and marshes making it possible to cultivate rice and produce salt. With the low water and high salt content birds stop by before continuing their migration to the south. And one such bird is the Pink Flamingo! Thus on a page from a watercolor sketchbook, I began scribbling my imagination on what it’s like out there… boyfriend and I hanging out by the marshes and checking out this pretty-in-pink flamingo!

Background Painting

Happy with the drawing, I went about painting the background with my pans of Winsor and Newton watercolors. These are my favorite sets along with the Japanese Kuretake Gansai Tanbi. See how strong and vivid the pigments are.

Gouache Experience

I continued using the Winsor and Newton watercolor for the subjects but for the flamingo, I chose gouache instead. Rather than the Holbein’s Acryla gouache, which is actually more acrylic based, I went for the proper gouache: Fluorescent Pink by Holbein’s and gold by Winsor and Newton. The difference is that these are not water resistant like the Acryla, but the appearance is the similar: opaque, matte and chalky. White Uni Ponca markers and a variety of colored gel pens were used for the finer details. Et voilà!

Another simple but cute and expressive painting! I quite liked working with the proper gouache and should try and work with if more. In combination with another medium like watercolor or just solo, it will be another fun experience. Meanwhile, I shall enjoy the rest of my vacation here, and when I have the chance will try and sketch some more!


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