Finally Sold!

Hello I’m back! It’s been a hectic August. Apart from being on vacation for 3 weeks, I have another wonderful news to share. My apartment has FINALLY been sold! After more than 2 years on the market, lots of viewers and one Joy Buyer who ended up not paying, it’s eventually found a new owner. We received a cash offer we couldn’t refuse just before we went on vacation. From that past experience, though, I was afraid I would be jinxed and the sale falling through again and hence kept it a secret till the money was actually in the bank! You can imagine how paranoid I was. But now that it’s officially sold and paid for, I can now put it all behind me and move on. Still takes time to let it all sink in though!

Pencil Sketch

And how can I not draw about it? In between my busy schedule, I managed to squeeze in some creative time with some digital art. Started firstly with a rough sketch using Soft Pencil. Me and him of course rejoicing in front of our NEW house!

Coloring In

The house was painted using soft pastel for that deliberately streaky finish. With the roof red, it was then tweaked with the Blending Mode “hard mix”, whilst the walls were in white and adjusted to “screen” mode. So much fun playing around with the blending mode! The subjects, him and I, were then colored in with the Medium Airbrush, but the eyes were lined with Glitter Calligraphy from the Gold Rush brushes.

Adding Texture

And now comes the fun part! The roof and the wall of the house had their own layers which made it easier to introduce different textures with clipping mask: Plaids for the roof, and Textured Dots for the walls. Then further details were added to the background including the sword grass, along with doodling in the sun and flowers with a Neon Light Pen. And of course Glitter dust and confetti were scattered about to enhance the festive mood. I then at the last minute added a heart to join us together and filled it of course with even more glitter! And now….

A rather simple yet joyfully jovial painting! Certainly depicts how we both really feel knowing my apartment is finally sold after two long years. It is that ecstatic feeling when we could both let go with more financial and emotional ease and focus on further enjoying our new house for the years to come. And now that my hands are less tied, I can certainly go back to some normality in life and resume painting freely. Great to get my creative energy back again!

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