Cat Calling

“Where’s the party?!” boomed Little One. As she is strolling in her park, she comes across a number of cats meandering around. All different shapes, sizes, colors and forms. Today, she is dressed up as a cute pink kitten complete with a polka dotted jumpsuit and cat’s ears and eye mask. It’s a little costume she made using recycled clothing. How resourceful and thoughtful of her! And of course I had to paint about this. Too cute to miss out on!

Pencil Sketch

And here was the chance for me to start practicing more on drawing cats as inspired by Shozo Ozaki. What makes this artist’s work so special is that he beautifully captures his cats in different shapes and forms then depicts them in his sketches and watercolor and ink paintings. In my last blog, I mentioned how I enjoyed them and decided to experiment with drawing the cats but of course adapting to my own style. And so the pencil sketch about my story on a page from a watercolor sketchbook! Notice the different poses…

The Background

In watercolor paintings, I typically prefer to paint the background first. A set of Holbein’s watercolor tubes in pastel colors was used here. However, for the sun rays, I went for fluorescent yellow from the Kuretake Gansai Tambi range. So far so cute!

The Subjects

And now time to color in Little One and the cats! Whilst I stuck with the Holbein watercolors, I also introduced the pearlescent white once again from the Gansai Tambi range to fill in the cloud and the cushion on which the black cat is lying down. The black is actually a charcoal grey from the same brand, and the brown was achieved by mixing colors. Finishing touches were then added with some aquarelle colored pencils and a bit of white Uni Posca pen. And here we are now!

And what a cute little painting this turned out to be! A fun session too I must add. As well as being another kawaii feature of Little One, it is also great practice with drawing more cats! It was also a wonderful chance for me to try my Holbein’s watercolors in pastel shades. I love how the colors turned out, being so vivid and lively. And now Little One and the cats are enjoying their time together, giving me another excuse for more kawaii cat drawings!

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