Cat Medley!

I’ve been following and been inspired by the works of Japanese artist Shozo Ozaki. Having come across him on Facebook, I was well impressed with his focus on cats. Just simple sketches, ink drawings and watercolor paintings of them in different shapes, sizes and forms including various poses and positions. As you’ve gathered, many of my characters are in a standing position and observing Ozaki’s work certainly opened up my horizons. It then dawned on me that introducing other posing variations would add more to my work. So why not start practicing? And now the sketchbook and pencil as I doodle away!

So here goes: Shozo Osaki inspired Kitties. So far so fun! Just a lot of practice needed. Though I stuck with my own style, I took a step or two further and incorporated various eye shapes and experimented with adding the nose.

And even more steps ahead. How about their posing and positions? Check out this pair of kitties sitting. Apart from the expressive eyes, notice their paw positions. That’s something new for me!

Even more variation. Different shapes, sizes and expressions. And further poses: Standing smugly, lazily curled up in a ball and leaning over. Now this is really getting exciting!

And don’t forget the side view. Not just the head but the positions of the paws too. Now that was quite a challenge getting it recognizable!

Come hither, says the kitten! And watch out for those spooky kittens lurking behind you. Now this alone would make a good story…

And now compiled in page spread. What a kawaii melange that makes!

And what fun that was! I have to admit it was quite a challenge and I did struggle a bit especially at the beginning. Ozaki is such an amazing artist, and I shall continue using his work as reference for future cat paintings. As for my drawings, maybe one day I’ll feel like coloring them in but for now, just leave it. It’s a reward to myself that I can do it and a reminder to myself to keep practicing!

It doesn’t look like Ozaki has a website but his works can be seen on Facebook and Instagram.

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