Flashing Flowers

More adventures with digital painting! So much fun experimenting and playing around with the many possibilities on the Procreate app. Today some floral abstract painting using some of my favorite brushes for some neon and glitter bling.

The Start

I started with a Light Pen and Neon Tube from the set of Lights brushes for the flowers, then for the stem went for the Glitter Calligraphy from the AJ Gold Rush range. Both these sets were purchased as add-ons available on the Creative Market website. By the way, I am not being sponsored by the creators, just recommending them!

Adding More

And seeing how well it worked, more flowers were introduced. I also assigned each flower with its own layer so that I can play around with the layers in order to relocate or alter the flowers when needed and determine which one goes on top of what. Then the background was switched to a vibrant violet. So far so stunning!

Texture Time!

And now for some texture! I wanted to introduce glitter in the leaves as well as on one of the pink tulips and hence decided not to have stems with glitter. Instead of wiping those stems out, though, I merely traced over them with some green light pen as I thought it would be effective to have the glitter still showing through. Now that’s much better! Electricity from the Lights brushes was then incorporated in the middle pink tulip to tie in the color from the adjacent red tulips. Finally, the background was slightly altered with a bit of polka dots on the side. Nothing more. And now we’re talking!

Exploring the possibilities in digital painting is so much fun! I especially love playing around with the various textures and all the vivid colors. Flowers are among my favorite themes during the warm summer months, and creating an abstract painting form of them is quite eye-catching. As a result, I do like the energy such paintings evoke. Look forward to churning out more!

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