Water Fairy

The other day, I decided to play around with my Procreate app and create a digital version of one of my paintings! The lucky chosen one turned out to be Rainbow Fairy featuring Little One in a fancy fairy costume. What a perfect opportunity this would be to continue practicing the various brushes of glitter, metal, lights and neon! Let’s see what we will come up with…

The Cut Out

On the Procreate app, I imported the photograph of the painting and with the Eraser, carefully wiped out the background so that only the subject, Little One, was left. The colors are already quite vibrant, and we have some metallic collages which is a good start. For now I made the background emerald green.

Enhancing Texture

First I went over the cut-out of the painting with the original colors. This is made possible by simply tapping the area you want to color, and that color automatically shows up on the swatch, How ingenious is that! First the face, followed by the eyes. I thought the eyes could do with some more and hence I experimented with the blending mode. The color dodge really made the green pop out! The whites of the eyes were enhanced with the neon brush. I then played around with the glitter brushes and lined the lashes with the pen and scattered the glitter around the wings and outfit as well as the crown. Neon brushes as well as neon colors were also used, namely on the head dress. So far so pretty!

Background Change

Loving the bling factor of the fairy! And now let’s work on the background. Added a new layer and moved it underneath the original cut-out. First some Hatch Jumble in white on the top area. This was then followed by Electicity Lights after which I switched the blending mode to color dodge. Then a few flowers were doodled in with a Neon Tube brush. I was at this point unsure about the green background and after some color changes, substituted it to a stunning cobalt blue. And now that’s better!

How sweet is that, in place of a Rainbow Fairy, we now have a Water Fairy! One of the wonderful things about digital art is being able to play around with old paintings and turning them into something different. And in turn, we can tweak further and recreate! I’d definitely love to try this out on other old paintings of mine and see what we can come up with. Meanwhile, we love how Little One has now turned into a kawaii Water Fairy!

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