Baby Birds!

We love our magical garden! It’s going greener and greener everyday and the flowers are blossoming as the summer draws nearer. And it’s not just the flora we love about it, it’s also the fauna! First are those cows from our neighboring farm. And the dogs and cats. And the occasional bunny rabbit. There are also different kinds of birds flying and chirping around the area. Recently, though, we were greeted by a wonderful surprise!

Baby Moorhens

And what have we here. Under the ledge of the bordering brook in our backyard laid some eggs of some water birds. Initially I thought they were ducks but I was corrected. They are called Waterhoen in Dutch, a word I had to look up for the English translation. Moorhens or marsh hens as they are known as, they have been quietly swimming along the brook. Then they began building a nest under the ledge laying eggs and yesterday morning, the eggs got hatched! There were two mama hens and at least five chicks. I managed to take some photos and a video whilst being extra careful not to disturb them or drop my phone over the edge. Even captured some scenes mama hen feeding her baby some worm, how cute is that!

Let’s Doodle About It!

And what a kawaii inspiration for my next painting! That evening, I took my smaller sketchbook and black pen and doodled all my thoughts and ideas about it. Even jotted down how I initially thought they were ducks and turned out to be hens instead. And oh I forgot to mention earlier that the farmer’s dog came marching by the path all excited and barking with joy that morning! Of course I have to include that in my upcoming painting. Also Mama Hen feeding her baby with worms via her beak. Quite a few ideas to paint about!

For a closer look of each page:

And now I’m really excited to paint! And how and what will I use to paint with? That I’ve not decided yet. Besides there are many ideas to go for, and it’s so difficult to choose one because they’re all so cute! Maybe I’ll make a series using a different medium for each. How about that! Can’t wait to start…

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