Hello Kitty Wears Lipstick!

The second part of Hello Kitty Plays Polo! is here! To recap… It’s been a long while since painting about ponies and polo. Well this is because me and my boyfriend (who is a photographer) have not been to a match all this time as they kept getting cancelled due to the pandemic. Fingers crossed they can resume again soon! Meanwhile, I’ve been following Tracy Verdugo’s Abstract Mojo classes and for this lesson, Reinventing the Old, we find an old painting we’ve done and recreate it into an abstract painting!

Choosing an Old Drawing

This was an random choice as I was scrolling through my phone searching among my photographs of all my artwork. Finally, it was the Hello Kitty drawing that stood out. As a joke, I had made a sketch during one of the polo matches back in August 2018. She’s sitting on a pony having a go at the sport, how cute is that!

Another Loose Reproduction

In the tutorial, we are supposed to make a loose reproduction of the chosen old painting. Payne’s Grey acrylic ink was used here. To make it all look more interesting, we start “painting” the shapes with just the brush dipped in water and then apply the ink with the dropper so it spreads out with a marble-like effect. We made two of such loose reproductions, one is when the original painting is right side up, and the other when turning it at 90 degrees angle. This is, of course, the second one. Fine details were then added with a cocktail stick dipped in the Payne’s Grey ink. And now the horse looks like a dinosaur but never mind! At least Hello Kitty does still resemble somewhat a Hello Kitty, and I’m fine with that.

A Step Further

For the last painting, I decided not to go further and kept as it was. Perhaps I may go back to it and develop it further, who knows. With this painting, too, I was reluctant to go through with creating an abstract painting as per Tracy’s classes. That said, I was confident enough to go ahead and add some colors so that’s a step further! Titan Green fluid acrylic was used for the background firstly, followed by some Heavy Body acrylic paint in Light Magenta (both by Golden) in some bits of the subject. And just for fun, I substituted Hello Kitty’s nose with a mouth! It is only because I needed to balance the painting with the pink. How sweet is that! Then some doodles around the background with white Molotow acrylic markers. Et voilà!

Not exactly what the class called for in terms of creating an abstract painting but I am nevertheless happy with the result. Often paintings don’t come out as what is expected but as you keep working on one further and you’re happy with the results, that’s what counts. I myself am quite pleased with mine. However, I may try and repeat the class next time by using another old painting to recreate from. Let’s see then what I could come up with!

Click here for more about Tracy Verdugo and her amazing classes!

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