Let’s Go!

Let’s go already! I’m anxious. I’m getting impatient! My apartment in Amsterdam has been on the market for over 18 months and finally managed to sell at last! Yup, about time. All going well so far, as the buyers are very keen. So what’s holding up the deal? Documentation formalities by the mortgage lender have been slowing down the process, causing the delivery date to be extended yet again. Tomorrow we were scheduled for the handover but now I’ve been told it has been postponed, for the third time, till next Friday!

Getting my Pens Out

Not much I can do about it of course but to sit back and wait. No reason to rush. After all, the apartment was on the market for a year and a half, right? It would be helpful to have the money to repay the bank, though. And I just want it off my shoulders so I can move on with life too. So rather than mope about it, I took my sketchbook out and began doodling how I am feeling. Out came a variety of pens and inks to doodle with: Faber Castell Pitt Artists Pens, Molotow acrylic pens, Sennelier Ink Brushes, Gel pens, Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay inks and Ecoline ink bottles and brush pens. What a great opportunity to play around with them and keep my mind off all the woes!

Doodling Away

Began by writing “Let’s Go!” in huge letters before drawing a variety of Little Ones spread over two pages on my Strathmore sketchbook. I first started with the Faber Castell Pitt Artists Pens then scribbled on the flowers with some Molotow markers. The top part of the pages were then filled in with some Dr. Ph Martin’s Bombay Ink in iridescent yellow.

Various Emotions

Once I was finished sketching the Little Ones, it was time to draw in the faces! I must have deliberately waited till the later moments to add the emotions as by then I could not decide how I was really feeling anymore. Happy and rejoicing because the apartment is finally sold. Disbelief because I can’t believe it’s happening. Anxious because the deal is taking time. Trying to relax as it’s not good to stress. In mischief because once the deal is through I can plan my future. And once I added the emotions with my grey Ecoline marker, I wanted to continue doodling little hearts and flowers again to encourage positive thoughts. And here I am…

And now from anxious to kawaii, I felt much better expressing my thoughts amd feelings on paper. Using bright happy colors certainly helped. Although at this stage there is not much I can do to expedite the final sale of my apartment, doodling kawaii things keeps me thinking positive. And now, fingers crossed about the whole thing amd that next Friday will definitely happen with no further postponement. Let’s go and get on with it!

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