Bunny Balloon

Having fun again following Juliette Crane’s Serendipity I classes! Today sharing a painting from the next unit, “Finding More Freedom” which as the title entails encourages us to find more freedom in our style and artwork. And I ended up painting a cute little bunny holding a balloon shaped like a bunny! This was not intended at the beginning. As I progressed, I was hoping to paint two rabbits, but as it didn’t turn out as I was hoping, I made the larger one a balloon, how cute!

The Background

We worked with a substrate which I’ve never got around to trying: a scrap piece of cardboard from an old box! How interesting is that. I remember seeing works at an exhibition of a Japanese artist, Ayako Rokkaku, on which she used cardboard. At the time, I thought it was a brilliant idea but forgot about it over time, and now this was an opportunity! A layer of white gesso was applied on the cardboard which, though not necessary, is preferred for a longer lasting painting. After letting it dry, I glued on some collages of various papers including wrapping paper, mulberry paper and wrapping tissues as well as texts ripped out from old books. Then a variety of mediums were added layer after layer: oil pastels (by Art Philosophy), water-soluble sticks (Derwent’s Inktense Blocks. and some gouache.

Creating my Character

And now that I was ready to introduce my character, I cut out a circle from an old Japanese newspaper and glued it on a blank space intended for the head. I was at this point not sure what to create but since the face was positioned low enough I thought a bunny would be a cute idea. Hence, an outline was drawn in with a black marking pencil before coloring in with acrylic paint. I also decided to work on the background a bit and sketched some houses with the pencil followed by a smaller bunny this time drawn with some fluorescent pink oil pastel.

A Little Change

As I progressed though I wasn’t happy with the outcome of the big bunny. The head was too round, and the ears were out of proportion, looking anything but a cute bunny! Then I came up with this idea of making a character with a hat shaped like a bunny. The hat was also outlined with the fluorescent pink oil pastel before being filled in with a matching acrylic ink. Still I was not satisfied. I also regretted painting over the colored collages on the left hand side as the area now looked a bit dirty. So what to do?


Then it dawned on me. The big bunny looks like she’s floating in air doesn’t she? So let’s make her a balloon now! Hence I covered the face with some fluorescent pink glaze to match it with the hat. Eyes were then painted in for some added kawaii. I love the Emerald Green Heavy Body Acrylic by Liquitex! Lashes were then drawn in and further traced over with some black glitter pen. A string was then added with fluorescent pink 3D Liner by Sennelier also used for the big bunny’s ears. Finally I covered that “dirty” area with the sun with fluorescent yellow gouache. And now!

Another whimsical and inspiring piece, thanks to Juliette Crane’s classes! Firstly, it gave me a chance to paint on something alternative like a piece of cardboard. I shall definitely like to do that again! Further it’s my first time to paint two bunny’s interacting as subject and object. The lesson has taught me how to deal with a painting you’re stuck with and turn it into something unexpected. Thanks again, Juliette, for helping me stimulate my creativity!

Click here for more about Juliette Crane and her wonderful classes!

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