Flowers of the Fall

Still traveling and since a week ago left Spain and now in the Provence region of southern France. During my trip I was amazed at the all beautiful flowers in their amazingly vivid colors despite being the middle of October! I took quite a lot of photos of them and got inspired to do some painting here. This time, in digital form in order to show you how colorful it all is!

The Background

Whilst at the Delta de l’Ebre in Spain, we ventured into the nature reserves which used to be the former salt mines. One of the photos I took was the water which I thought would make an interesting background for my artwork. The photo was then liquified to make it even more interesting!

Sea Plants

On this, I was intending to add some cactus but as you can see they turned out anything but! Doesn’t matter, why not just make them large leaves or even better seaweed or plants? I began with one and then duplicated and where applicable flipped it horizontally or vertically and changed the sizes. Each had their own layer to enable them to be moved around or added another sub-layer to introduce more effects or colors on top.

Let’s Add Some Flowers!

Initially I was going to draw Little One. I did start to but then as I had already made two drawings with her in it with a third one coming up, I decided to go for just flowers instead. As in the case of the sea plants, each of the flowers had their own layer to enable moving around and adding effects and details on where I wanted. Then I decided to play around with the light effects of the colors, namely vivid light, linear light and overlay. The overlying is so cool as it makes the color transparent the background is visible underneath as seen with the smaller sea plants below.

Adding More!

I really got into this! Duplicated some of the existing flowers and also introduced more. The more the merrier! Whilst painting more, I once again experimented with the light effects, the favorites being vivid ligh and overlay. And now I’m very happy with how it all turned out. My colorful flowers for this Autumn!

I obviously got very excited to paint this. Now that it’s mid-October we don’t expect such pretty flowers to stay. Spain and southern France apparently have them still! I wonder how long they will all last. Meanwhile in Holland, I think they are long gone as the weather has become typically autumn: all rainy and cold! And hence my last few chances for me to enjoy painting them for this year…

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