Pyrenees Princess

Little One has been enjoying her trip to Spain with her boyfriend and on the second week ended up by the Pyrenees! During her stay she bought herself a cute reddish magenta flamenco costume with black lace! And now she’s posing up in the mountains like a pretty little Señorita with her boyfriend who had also gotten himself a cute costume. He is dressed as a Matador. Isn’t that sweet? And naturally I wanted to paint about it. This watercolor painting though was actually unintentional from which this kawaii story came up! Let’s find out what had happened.

The Beginning

On my small sketchbook I penciled away my drawing, then went over it with some black marker. Faber Castell’s Pitt Artists Pens are derived from India Ink and hence permanent and can be painted over with watercolor without any smudging. After outlining I colored the background in with my Sennelier’s watercolor pans. So far so cute!

The Happy Accident

And now I began painting Little One. Everything was going well until the magenta watercolor spread over the outline of the markers. I tried to correct it by wiping up the color, then making the black outline thicker. An attempt was made too with some magenta marker but obviously it wasn’t working. I panicked. Frustrated, I scored across the painting with black marker and realized what I had done. Not very smart! And so I put the painting down and came back to it. This time, I drew in some undulating patterns on the dress to make it look like it was part of the outfit: Flamenco costume! And the rest just flowed. The scored line across became a long rose stem. Is Little One gritting it by her teeth? To match the outfit, little dots were added on boyfriend’s blue outfit. And now, I’m happy again!

Amazing how things happen for a reason, isn’t it? I was not expecting us to end up dressed in Spanish traditional costumes with a red rose streamed across. In fact had this accident not happened it would’ve been just a simple drawing of me and my boyfriend standing by the mountains. Perhaps a bit too plain. However, this unexpected mistake turned it all out for the better. Don’t Little One and boyfriend look even more adorable? It’s called a “happy accident” for a reason!

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