Dreaming of Provence

Now back from our 3-week road-trip along Spain and France! We ended up staying for more than a week in Provence, an area in southern France known for its abundant lavender fields. By the time we were there in the first week of October, however, all the lavender has been long harvested and the fields were no longer the infinite scenery of vivid violet flowers! We of course expected that. Best time to go there is June and July which means of course the most crowded time. It was, as such, not too bad having he fields to ourselves! On the positive side, we got to be there during a quiet time and secondly, grab hold of some freshly-harvested lavender flowers to bring home. And the wonderful aroma!

And during one of the evenings there, I made a quick watercolor painting on my little sketchbook! Sennelier’s aquarelle pans were used once again, along with my black Faber Castell’s marker. It’s about me and BF enjoying our time in Provence with the mountains, hills and canyons behind us watching the world go by. Only the ground, though, is purple along with one of the hills behind us! This is because we are already making plans to come back there next year if possible, when the lavender fields are in bloom. How about in early June before the school holidays start? Meanwhile, we shall enjoy the amazing fragrance of the lavender in our home and dream about the day we return…

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