Flowers in Her Hair

One of my other hobbies, a newly discovered one actually, is gardening! Since moving to our new place, I’ve learnt to enjoy the surrounding greenery and appreciate our back and front garden. Weeding is one of the tasks that need to be done, a form of detoxifying the place. So here I go about on my hands and knees under the bushes enthusiastically pulling out weeds. Occasionally though I would end up with loose flowers and leaves in my hair. How cute is that! And this inspired me to create a kawaii little painting of Little One tending the garden surrounded by flowers not to mention some in her hair!

Starting with the Background

Strathmore’s Visual Journal for Mixed Media was used for this work. On a page from this sketchbook, I scribbled “Flowers in her hair!” and some flowers with oil pastels. Then I piled on some collages of flower patterned paper napkins and deli paper. Some yellows and green acrylic inks were then scattered about the corners and sides, but in order to give some space to draw the face, I left the middle empty.

Painting Little One!

A blend of Quinacridone Azo Nickel Gold and Titanium White fluid acrylics was used to color the face in. I also filled in the empty spaces of the flowers with some pink acrylic ink. Then I painted in the hair firstly with some brown and red oil pastels followed by some Antelope Brown ink. The background was further enhanced with some blue, dark green and violet, and the more colorful the livelier. So far so cute!

Making Her Even Prettier

A random bunch of mediums were used to conclude this painting. Mainly I went for some collages, which were an assortment of origami and mulberry papers cut into flower shapes with a craft punch. Some stamps with floral patterns were also introduced. It was then I made a variation to my original inspiration by creating a headband of flower chains and feathers! Little One loves it. And with all the flowers about, her outfit now looks like a fancy poncho, how pretty! As such, I thought a spiritual expression would suit her most so I drew her eyes as being closed. The finishing touches were then added on the flowers by dotting on some gold gouache and doodling in some white spirals in the centers. After some minor tweaking, I can definitely say I’m happy now!

Doesn’t Little One look ever so adorable and pretty with flowers in her hair, wearing a floral headband and poncho? It’s wonderful to be back to some mixed media work like this. Collages are a great way to incorporate interesting patterns and accents to a painting, thereby making it more lively. In addition to bright vivid colors, I do love floral themes. I find them uplifting, and they’re perfect to paint about during the warmer months. I look forward to creating more like this!

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