Odd-Eyed Kitty

Back to some digital art! Sharing a cute one I made in early May featuring a cat with odd-eyes. What inspired me was a photo that had been posted on Facebook for a travel-to-Japan group, a white cat surrounded by cherry blossoms The fascinating part was that she had one eye blue and the other orange! How unusual is that I thought, and on further research I discovered that this is a feline form of heterochromia resulting from genetics that make the eyes odd colored. Now I find out that these odd-eyed cats represent good luck particularly in Turkey because they are so rare. Wow! More information can be found here.

Floral Background

Having made the painting a square shape, I firstly made the background a bright yellow-green color. The first layer was then about flowers to emulate the cherry blossoms from the photograph. I just laid a random bunch of these Retro flowers, available as pre-set patterns on Procreate in a variety of pinks and lilac shades.

Getting Catty

Upon creating a new layer, the cat shape was drawn in white with airbrush and autofilled. So far so cute! I then added the shading on a new layer with clipping mask before putting the red collar on this sweet little kitty.

The Eyes Have It!

And now for the eyes. Next layer I drew in an oval using auto-shape to make it a bit more perfect. Then filled it in with orange before adding the whites of the eyes, once again using auto-shape to get them perfectly round. The eye was then duplicated and flipped over vertically to create the other eye. Then I replaced the color with blue. And here it is, how easy was that!

Another fun digital artwork! Once again it is also simple so as to enhance the odd-eyes and cuteness of the kitty. I am now getting quite fascinated by this odd-eyes theme for kittens that I might like to do an actual painting of one soon. Perhaps incorporate it with other animals too!

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