Hello Kitty on My Mind

Much of organizing and doing up the house involves unpacking and figuring out what to do with my extensive Hello Kitty collection! Collecting is my hobby, and whilst living in my last apartment, my Kitty’s were scattered around the house looking cute. Since I have way so much, though, many were merely stashed in handbags and boxes to be forgotten. Poor things! Where displayed, they were gathering dust of course because they were sitting on shelves. What a pity! I moved into a new house last summer and now living with my boyfriend along with my hundreds possibly thousands of Kitty’s, bless him. Luckily my BF is sweet and supportive. We both agree that it’s a waste to keep them hidden and most ought to be displayed. Whilst a bulk would stay in one room, any overspill can sneak into other rooms but look tasteful.


I’m more or less done with less than half of the collection by displaying them in glass cabinets and recently purchased Barrister’s Bookcases. Still, it’s quite a long way to go, especially as things are put on hold with redecoration of the dressing room and conversion of the attic underway. I’m struggling with space and figuring out ways how to organize the display too. “Where will I put them all??” I constantly cry to myself. Hobbies and collections are supposed to be enjoyable, not stressful! I suppose I need to be patient and once the home developments are completed, I have a better idea as to where and how to store my Kitty’s.

Unwind and Sketch

Getting quite overwhelmed, I took out my sketchbook and pencils to draw. It’s a great way to deal with stress by helping me vent my emotions. This time though, rather than express how frustrated I am feeling, I decided to be more optimistic. Closing my eyes and breathing deeply, telling myself it will all be over soon. Surrounding me are my many Hello Kitty’s reminding me to calm down and take my time. “There’s no rush” they say, “sooner or later in a few months we will all be ready”. And here is my little pencil sketch I made using a variety of leads with my 15 Grafwood graphite pencils.

Even a simple sketch like this makes me feel tons better. Drawing allows me to dissociate myself from all the troubles and hassles of moving into a new house and helps me focus so I can be more calm when dealing with them. Plus it is good practice to work on my pencil sketching techniques. So far it’s all working well and I will definitely be doing more. Expect to see more sketches like this soon!

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