Teddy Has a Dolly!

A bit of role reversal here as I decided to draw my Teddy. This time it’s her turn to be holding a doll, in the form of Little One! I figured a change would be good because I draw loads of my Little One clutching her Teddy. Let’s see how equally cute it will all look when reversed! Here, I am once again practicing my digital art techniques on Procreate and almost ready to jump into the next lesson I’m still on the airbrushing chapter and once I have the chance shall definitely advance further.

The Outline

First I start with a sketch using a calligraphy on a white background. Just a simple one and quite rough just to get the general gist. Any messy edges I can always clean up later on during painting, and any details can be added as well if needed. I shall call this my Pencil Sketch.

Painting Teddy

Once done, I added a new layer then move it BELOW the Pencil Sketch so that the pencil lines don’t get hidden when color is painted on. When painting, the secret is to zoom into the areas and when autofilling, make sure you work in small areas at a time. Any streaks can be gone over with the paint. That way the lines are cleaner and the color appears even. First I filled in the cloud with white, then on a next layer, incorporated some Cloud patterns from the Elements menu for Medium. The sun was pretty straight forward using two different yellows from the color wheel. When shading in Teddy Bear, I used the Clipping Mask technique. Other details of her were then colored in and once happy with the results, I merged together the layers pertaining to the Teddy Bear only and called it “Teddy Bear”

Painting the Rest

After Teddy came the leaves followed by the tulips. For shading in the larger leaves on both sides of her, I used the Clipping Mask method again. The areas on the tulip stems and leaves, though, are so small that I figured it was easier just to zoom in and add a line or dot. For the tulips themselves, shading them didn’t make them look very pretty as you lost the vivid pinks and red. I then just merely added another layer on each and incorporated some highlights instead using some white. And then the Dolly was colored in. Here, I didn’t bother with the lighting and shading.

Getting Grounded

And now that I was done with painting the subjects, how about the ground? I painted it grey first, then layered it with some green colored “Clay” once again from the Medium menu. It looks as if Teddy is standing on some soil, and as you can see, I even added a shadow of her on the ground. Hope it looks right! And now this is my kawaii Teddy clutching on her Little One dolly.

Another fun kawaii digital painting! Up to now, my Little One paintings have been focussing on her as the main subject, and hence the idea of switching character roles was clever. And don’t worry, Little One says she doesn’t mind at all and is happy to play dolly for a change. She agrees that it’s always good to try something different and add variety! With the digital painting itself, I’m starting to get the hang of the methods used and can’t wait to embark on the next chapter. This painting was also great practice for light and shade techniques which I’m rather still weak at. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I shall definitely be painting more Little One as Dolly themes too!

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