Glowing Flowers

I’m starting to get into black paper art. There is something fascinating about it as I enjoy painting with bright vivid colors which further gets enhanced when used on a black background. Most interesting is when taking one color then seeing its effects on black paper vs. white paper! Lately I even purchased a few black-paper sketchbooks to play around with and been testing a few markers and pens I have in hand. Some of these include Molotow acrylic markers, gel pens, metallic markers and cheap glitter pens which actually do come out stunning here. Here is what I used and tested from which I eventually developed into little kawaii drawing!

I included fluid acrylic here as I had some excess from a previous painting which I smudged on and once dry doodled some flowers on top with white gel pen. Otherwise, the sketch was about the various pens and markers. I’m very pleased with the results, although the glitter pen was a bit streaky. Next time, I’ll use it for smaller areas, ie. for fine details. I also found that the Molotow acrylic marker could be more evenly colored with. As such, the best results came from Staedler’s metallic pen and Pilot’s Juice Paint although the areas painted were much smaller than the glitter pen and acrylic marker. Nevertheless here is a little floral drawing I ended up creating!

My apologies for the bad photo as trying to capture a purely even black background without getting any light interfering proved difficult. After some experimenting, I found that the best time to photograph black backgrounds is late afternoon on an overcast day, making sure no lights in the room are on. I shall definitely be doing more black paper art using a variety of mediums. The pens and markers worked well and I’d like to do more!

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