Walk the Cat!

Another break from painting and getting out my sketchbook and pencils to sketch away! Today, Little One walks her cat. Some folks have interestingly resorted to putting their cats on a leash. On one hand, I thought poor cat! On the other hand, they could just wander out, get lost and don’t come back. Or worse something bad might happen to the poor cat! My neighbors in my old apartment secure their kitties on a leash. And that got me inspired to sketch about it. Little One with her little kitten both looking a bit apprehensive about the idea but then feeling somewhat secure that they are within each other’s sight!

Strathmore’s Toned Tan sketchbook was chosen today as an alternative to plain white paper. Instead of black graphite pencil, I used a variety of grey colored pencils. These colored pencils were a set of grey-scale Polycolor 12 by Koh i Noor. Combining the beige background and grey pencils gives a softer look to the drawing, suiting this kawaii theme. I love it! And now I’m curious to see the effect these greyscale pencils on other colored paper.

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