Dream of Spring

I must really be missing the warm weather! Here is a quick gouache piece I made using some leftover paint I had from other paintings. Starting from trees, all full and leafy green, I somehow ended up with a pair of vividly pink bunnies surrounded by colorful flowers. Just trying to stay positive by creating kawaii paintings!

Metallic Trees

I must have been following one of Tracy Verdugo’s classes when I had excess Metallic Green gouache paint and decided to smear some on another sketchbook, my Strathmore one for Mixed Media.

Metallic Trees

The Rest

While working on other projects later, I continued adding more leftover paint onto this sketch. Some acrylic some gouache. Every time I had excess paint, I would brush it out on the painting, layer by layer. I really love how strong and vivid the colors pop out with gouache paint, especially the pink and red!

Finishing it Up

In the end, I thought I’d practice a bit with Sennelier’s Ink Brush pens. I went for some of the iridescent colours in blue, turquoise and green across the sky, grass and flower stems. Also some iridescent pink for the flowers. I added some white dots with white acrylic paint dipped in the end of a cocktail stick. The eyes were also added with gel pen. And here we are!

A very vivid and colorful painting, something to brighten up the cold dreary winter! This winter has also been particularly depressing with on-going Covid-19 and the lockdown. Thus some positive energy is most welcome through some kawaii thoughts. No wonder why I’m looking for a Spring mood with cute bunnies! Not sure if things will drastically improve by Spring but we must stay positive and hopeful…

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