Cozy Winter

Winter is here and these days we wake up when it’s still dark outside. Look out the window and there is frost on the grass with trees so bare. Luckily our new house is recently built unlike my old apartment in Amsterdam which goes back hundreds of years back. Here it’s all well insulated so we remain warm inside without using up too much energy. And oh so cozy too! And in the evenings we can relax by the fire..

Another Digital Painting

… and I can whip out my iPad and start painting away on Procreate! Here is a quick and easy one I created, this time going for charcoal and pastel. Making my background grey, I then doodled in clouds as first layer. Boyfriend and I were then drawn along with some hearts

Another Digital Painting

Adding More with Changes

But as I began painting in my boyfriend’s grey hair, I realised the background was grey too. I then clicked back to the background layer and switched it to black. Now that’s more like it! The hair and eyes were added as layer three.

Finishing Touches

As Layer four, the whites of the eyes were added. Instead of pastel though I used a Drawing tool called Little Pine which resembles a pencil with a pastel finish. This was used for the eyelashes as well along with the white collars of the outfits and hair streaks. Then going back to pastels, I scribbled in “Love!” in yellow. How cute is that!

So much fun drawing digitally for a change! As mentioned some time ago, I have signed up for on-line classes for Procreate to pick up advanced techniques and discover new tools. Well one of my New Years resolutions is to pursue this! At the moment I’m also following painting courses on-line so could do the Procreate ones in between lessons. Looking forward to learning further and creating more kawaii stuff here!

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