Getting Cozy

So boyfriend and I have been quite overwhelmed as we are far from getting settled down. Moving is indeed stressful! But now as Christmas approaches we are trying to chill a bit more especially in the evenings. Once the attic conversion is underway and complete next week progress ought to accelerate further. Although I had little time lately to get creative, I began promising myself once again to spend a few hours everyday just painting. It helps me deal with the chaos!

Our House

I thought some digital painting would be fun to do as I could do with some practice. How about introducing some positive vibes this time illustrating boyfriend and me getting all cute and cozy together? Against a blue background I painted on some clouds and Hessian grass (preset) before drawing in the house using the colorfill feature.

Our House

Him and Me

The next layer involved adding some concrete block and stone wall textures onto the house. Then I drew us holding hands, once again using the colorfill feature. Our hair was scribbled in with the retouch features with hearts doodled in around the house.

Him and Me

Then the eyes… we look so happy now! Because we ARE happy.

This time a simple drawing, but it helped me relax more as we can now see there is a light at the end of the tunnel. While times can be tough at the moment, we have each other right? Switching off in the evenings also lets us deal with the hectic day. And so does painting with positive thoughts like this!

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