So I’ll tell you how I’m really feeling. Overwhelmed! Since I decided to move out of Amsterdam in July and sell my apartment it’s been non-stop: clearing out space, packing my stuff, missing my stuff all summer because they’ve been in storage and then getting my stuff, unpacking them and figuring out how and where to put what. Meanwhile, we’re getting rooms refurbished so items and furniture are still not yet quite placed where I want, I’m confused so I can’t find things when I need them and the house is a chaos!

Pencil Drawing

And I’ve had very little time to paint and could not get myself to get started. I’m not able to focus. This has been happening lately as well, and I really need to get into the habit again: at least 2 hours daily of creative activities! And hence a few weeks ago, I sat down and began drawing. The many faces of Little One getting all worked up and surrounded by all her stuff: shoes, clothes, handbags and loads of Hello Kitty’s!

Pencil Drawing

Watercolor Painting

I then decided to fill it all in with watercolor. This time some bright vivid pans of paint by Jane Davenport and also some from the classic set by Winsor & Newton. Just a simple coloring session. All I wanted was to just chill.

Watercolor Painting

Colored Pencils

For the smaller details I went for colored pencils rather than watercolor. Little One’s hair was also drawn in over the watercolor to give that streaky appearance. This time I kept this painting “short and simple” as was just phasing myself into painting again. And here we are!

Today’s piece was more about facial expressions rather than an elaborate painting. More like practicing anime-style techniques which I was pleased worked well this time. I would definitely like to incorporate more expressive characters like this in my future work. And now I’m feeling much better reflecting my thoughts on my sketchbook and writing about it. Time to get started with getting creative again!


  1. Hi sorry to hear that you think your life is in chaos at this moment in time, remember its just for a short time. When all is in place very soon, you will have a new reality and will be well on your way to PROSPERITY. You should think it is only for a littlest while and then I will have exactly what I dreamed about having. Just be very patient, enjoy this journey, and do Art Create it will keep you Balanced…You have another amazing Creative day on your Way to A Newer Life…You ARE BLESSED…


    1. Thank you again for your kind words and encouragement! Things are indeed falling into place and as you say there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll continue creating to keep my mind in peace. Have a Happy Christmas! 🎄


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