Off to Bed

Little One is off to bed with her kawaii Teddy Bear. But before she hits the sack she wants to show you her new silky blue pyjama’s! A kawaii one embellished with a few pink sequins and a sparkly white collar. And this was an opportunity for me to paint about it using some acrylic mediums for some amazing effects!

Pencil Sketch on Pink Background

I happened to find a page in my Marabu A3 Mixed Media Sketchbook filled with streaks of gesso mixed with fluorescent pink paint. This could have been derived from some leftover paint from a previous painting but I cannot remember which. Never mind, I now have a cute background to start with! The sketch of Little One and Teddy was done with some aquarelle pencil.

Streaky Pink Background

Painting the Face

As it’s been a while since painting, I got excited about trying out different combinations of inks and paints! The face was colored combining Titanium White and Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold fluid acrylics. For the hair, I drew in streaks of Antelope Brown ink using the tip of a dropper and spreading with a satay stick. And finally the eyes. After outlining with brown acrylic marker (Molotow) I filled them in with a mixture of the antelope brown ink and Old Holland Iridescent Jade paint. Then when dry, I coated the area with acrylic gloss medium. And how pretty did they turn out!

Painting the Face

Fancy Pyjamas!

I firstly spread some glass beads on Little One’s collar and Teddy’s ears then let it dry a few hours. Meanwhile, the rest of the outfit was painted with Old Holland’s Iridescent Blue. See how shiny it now is! Teddy was then filled in with iridescence but in Bronze also with Old Holland’s paint. I love the iridescent series!

Fancy Pyjamas

Final Details

With the eyelashes drawn in with acrylic markers, I dotted on some bronze Nuvo Drops and lined the upper lids with glitter glue. Teddy’s eyes were also added with Nuvo Drops but in white to give that beady look. I then painted the whites of the eyes with ARA’s iridescent white paint. More bling added on the pyjamas with some blue glitter glue on the feet and then a pair of baby pink sequins. And now I’m good to go… and so is Little One!

I had so much fun experimenting with various mediums and shades of iridescent colours for this piece. And now Little One looks so kawaii and adorable with her pretty blue pyjamas clutching her Teddy! I can really see I’m easing back to painting and experimenting again. Can’t wait to get started further! And Sweet Dreams, Little One…

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