Falling Leaves

Now the end of November we realize how fast time flies! Autumn is not one of my favorite seasons I must say. Days get shorter as clocks are set backwards. Darkness remains as you wake up in the morning and appears again as early as 4pm. And the fallen leaves! Leaves do change colours beautifully but is a real pain when they pile up in your garden and front door waiting to be tidied up! Now that we moved to a new house with a garden full of foliage and a front entrance with trees, I’m starting to notice them more.

Turn it Positive

Well instead of complaining, I try and stay positive. Just the other day my stuff from Amsterdam finally arrived to our new house! They’ve been packed in boxes since July as I emptied out my old apartment to prepare selling it and moving homes. I thought I’d express my excitement about it with my oil pastels and scribble around with my soft pastels on my sketchbook (Strathmore Visual Journal for Mixed Media):

Turn it Positive

Layering with Stuff

So the intuitive mixed media session begins! First some paper napkin collages and flowers with my acrylic ink. Then some mark-making by stamping on some bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard from the packing materials! They were the only available items as my stamps were still packed away somewhere. I also doodled more with acrylic as well as India inks.

Layering with Stuff

Negative Space

So what next? I didn’t know what else to make of this painting although I liked the vivid colors I created. And then I went along and added a layer of Antelope Brown to create some negative space by illustrating some autumn leaves! It must have crossed my mind as I was lamenting about the pile of fallen leaves outside. And how pretty does this look!

Negative Space

Making Them Even Prettier

Although I was happy with the outcome, I felt I could add even more! And out came my white acrylic marker, India Ink 3D Liners and even my Sennelier Iridescent Ink Brush Pens. Just randomly doodling more and what fun that was. And now this is much better!

This was my first proper artwork since moving in, and I’m so happy being able to resume with painting! Although not quite being able to spend more time as busy with unpacking and fixing the new house, it’s still good to go back to it when I have a chance. It’s a good idea to take a break from the chaos and relax by getting creative!

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