Medley of Kitties

I can’t wait to restart Tracy Verdugo’s Story Painting class soon! It’s been too long since I had to pause due to moving homes, and now I need to get motivated to pick up where I left off on Chapter 2. Here is one of the last ones I did over a month ago and now I’d like to share it as it’s too kawaii to miss! It’s the second assignment in the chapter Portals of Possibilities.

Collecting Inspiration

Tracy got inspired by a trip to Istanbul years ago where she noticed so many stray cats being well looked after by the locals. Various cats of all shapes and forms were seen, and she shared with us the many photos she had taken of them. As for me I went back to my camera roll on my phone and came across quite a number of cute cat photos. It seems that whenever I come across a cat, whether I’m traveling abroad, taking stroll outside or on the way to an appointment, I would grab my phone and start snapping away! And here are some of my collections

Collecting Inspiration

Creating a Medley

We began applying our inspirations on our sketchbook by randomly sketching the cats. Before that though, it was important to leave the previous page blank as we will later see why. Drawing each cat involved a different medium which provides an interesting insight into the various effects of similar subjects. Another exciting challenge was making a “realistic” sketch of them rather than my usual animated style. Great way to explore beyond my comfort zone!

Various Mediums

So can you guess what I used? Amazing how many forms of mediums we can come up with

  • Stenciling
  • Pastel pencil and thin wet brush
  • Felt pen
  • Collage
  • Graphite pencil
  • Aquarelle pencil and thin wet brush
  • Colored pencils
  • Gel pen
  • watercolor brush pens

And here is the whole picture. Yes of course as a little token I added Hello Kitty! She is a cat too isn’t she? There has been debates as to whether she is one or not but in my eyes she still fits in the picture! Getting to grips with composition was not easy but I must say I’m rather proud of my medley of all the kawaii cats I’ve come across in the past years.

Creating a Medley

Coming up Next…

What a fun challenge that was sketching all these kitties! And now I had a chance to have a better idea of what cats really look like. It was also a great idea to be able to try out different mediums for this exercise and compare the various effects. But all is not finished yet! You will next see the reason as to why the previous page of the sketchbook had been left blank. Stay tuned in for this exciting final part!


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