Hello Again Ginger!

Some months ago a neighborhood cat had to undergo an operation following an attack by a dog. I was very upset and worried about her. Ginger can be boisterous and naughty at times but she’s so sweet and kawaii. A cute orange tabby, she didn’t appear for a few weeks but then I assume she was in post operation recovery. Then one day she appeared out of the blue! Standing on the sidewalk whilst I was driving by. I’m so happy she’s ok now. But now that we’ve moved to the next village, we won’t be seeing her much. I miss her and hope to see more of her when I go back to visit.

Practicing Colorfill

And so I decided to whip out my iPad and draw about Ginger! At the time of drawing this, my studio was not yet ready with all my paints and supplies in boxes and all over the place. The painting depicts Little One greeting Ginger and telling her how glad she is to have her back! In the Procreate app, I decided to try something different and self-learn some techniques. This involved colorfill. That is when you draw a shape, press a button and the shape is automatically filled in with a color of your choice. It took a while to figure out how to work it but I got it in the end. For the head I used the eclipse shape and for the body I used free style.

Practicing Colorfill

Adding Some Effects

I worked on the background first by adding white clouds and green Hessian grass. Then I drew her hair in and included some hair touch ups to make it more voluminous. Ginger was added on the grass also color filled.

Adding Some Effects

More Colorfill

Layers of more shapes were incorporated using colorfill. The eyes were done in ecliptic shapes including the whites which was a real challenge but fulfilling once achieved. I have yet to figure out the “copy and paste” to duplicate shapes so that the eyes would be even. Not to worry, Little One looks as though she’s turning to Ginger and chatting to her!

More Colorfill

Finishing Touches

I added the lashes using the Fine Hair touch-up. Ginger’s whiskers and whites of eyes were then drawn in with gel pens. And here we are, a sweet and simple digital drawing of Little One and Ginger!

Digital painting with my iPad came in handy when I didn’t have my art supplies available. That said, I’ve been occupied with the moving and aftermath and hence had little time to pursue more. Once I have more extra time I shall definitely practice more and start the on-line course that’s waiting for me to start. And I hope to come across Ginger again soon when I’m visiting the old village!

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