Exciting Times

Still catching up on blogging about my past paintings with a bit of a backlog here! Moving and setting up a new cozy home has taken up much of my time the past few weeks but we’re getting there. Meanwhile I’d like to share and write about a kawaii painting I made about a month ago!

Pencil Sketch

In my watercolor sketchbook, I made a pencil drawing of me and my boyfriend all happy for finally being able to be together at last! We do have our days of course and things can be quite stressful and exhausting with the moving and settling in. But we still love each other and look forward to a life together! Anyway who says moving homes would be easy?

Pencil Sketch

Watercolor Painting

Apart from a being cute and romantic, this painting was also an experiment combining watercolor with Ecoline inks. It was something we picked up from my Tuesday evening abstract art classes with Dieter. First layer a watercolor painting then once dry the next adding Ecoline ink. Apparently Ecoline inks add some brilliance whilst maintaining the watercolor below because the ink has a transparent effect.

Yellow Background

First I worked background in yellow using two shades of this colour from Dr Ph Martins Hydrus liquid watercolor. Then I painted us this time with my Gansai Tanbi watercolors. The outfits though were colored using Jane Davenport’s pans of watercolors which I had found hidden in my drawers of art supplies. It’s been some time since using them and thus thought it would be a nice change. I do like the vibrant colours, especially the pink!

Watercolor Painting

Ecoline Ink

Once the watercolor was dry, I went about the Ecoline ink. These inks are also water based, but interestingly they don’t move the watercolor layer below. Here for instance I added the green Ecoline ink on top of the brown watercolor for the eyes. See how the green adds a pretty film over the brown?

How is this? Apparently Ecoline inks are highly concentrated dyes whose pigments are dissolved in a solution whereas watercolors are merely pigments that are not dissolved. Rather they are binded with gum arabic. As such they work together well to create a stunning mixed media painting. And now for the background I added some yellow Ecoline ink and enhanced the outfits, eyes and hair with the ink in corresponding colours. The streaky appearance of the hair and lashes were made possible with Ecoline pens. And now!

The combination between watercolor and ink worked very well, I must say. Using watercolor as a basis, the inks gave another dimension with their vibrant colours. Definitely a method I’d love to repeat again! And meanwhile I love how boyfriend and I turned out. So adorable!

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