New Studio Up and Running!

What an on-going process of getting settled in our new home! With lots of stuff to figure out what goes where and with two rooms being refurbished, there is little room to decant the extra stuff to make room and tidy up. And what a chaotic sight it all is! Thanks to COVID though we won’t be expecting much visitors (except for tradesmen) and are able to stay in to work more on the house.

The movers came and delivered the rest of my stuff from Amsterdam two weeks ago. I spent over a week unpacking the boxes so the movers could come and collect them. Then last Monday night I decided to spend the day just getting my art studio ready so I could start painting again. Our living room has an alcove in the rear with floor to ceiling windows on each side and the center, giving perfect natural light. It faces the back garden overlooking a huge farm field across a small brook. A peaceful and serene environment.

It’s far from being 100% completed though. I still have loose boxes and random furnitures to temporarily store my art supplies but at least they’re organized so I can find things when needed. And at least I got my old dining room table and seats from Amsterdam to use in my studio. Now I can comfortably sit and get painting again! As you can see I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan. An avid collector in fact! So bits and pieces of her stuff are cozily scattered around the studio to keep me company.

One of the additions I’ve got now is a trolley next to my desk to give more surface space whilst I’m painting. Nowadays I’m also working with larger paper and would like to start using canvas and planks of wood as substrate. This beautiful trolley is actually purposely built for hairdressers and is thus quite sturdy. Even comes with a hairdryer holder! That may come in handy when I need to speed up drying my wet paint…

So far so good. Next step is transporting my chest of drawers from Amsterdam. It has a number of small drawers of different sizes in which various tools and supplies could go. Now why didn’t I think of bringing that too with the moving company? Never too late. We’ll be bringing that in and will be making more changes. Meanwhile I’ll resume painting and will be improving the space bit by bit. Watch this space as I will be writing about it soon with more photos for you to look at!


  1. Hi, thanky for sharing the art studio so far. Looks cool looks very French to me, and the art studio space near the windows looks good and the studio looks onto the back garden. So luscious and green, lots of plants. I know, you will launch a great Art Business from this New Art Studio, because it looks set up for Success and I Love Your Art…

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    1. ❤️ Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! Still a bit more to go till it’s all completely looking better but that will happen gradually. Meanwhile I just can’t wait till I paint more again! 😊 🎨

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