Almost There!

Sharing with you a kawaii pencil sketch I made a few weeks ago! Not having the chance to write about it sooner, I decided to do so now as it’s perfect timing. The movers came today to pack my stuff and have it transported to our new home! Tomorrow they come again to continue and by the afternoon all should be complete. After a week in storage, my stuff will be delivered if all goes well. You never know with this pandemic going around so fingers crossed! Everything has been in limbo since the end of June, and it’s so good to have my stuff back and settle in our new home!

Yes our new home. And that’s what makes it extra special. Boyfriend and I are moving in together! Having lived 40 km apart, the weekend visits just got too exhausting. We always dreaded parting ways when Mondays came. Looking back, I really don’t know how we managed for 3 years! But then again I was not ready then to commit, let alone live with anyone. I enjoyed my independence and wanted my own space after my divorce. But COVID changed it all. During the lockdown last Spring, I sought refuge at his place and we both realized we could actually co-exist without being in each other’s throats! And I just got so accustomed and comfortable with his company.

So here we are.. In about a week’s time we will be settled in together! So now a romantic but kawaii pencil sketch to express how much we’re looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. And can’t wait to create more sweet happy paintings and drawings of us!

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