Predator Pussycat

Introducing a digital painting I made the other day incorporating a photograph again! This time I grabbed a snapshot of a neighborhood cat I took some time ago. A black tuxedo cat prancing down the sidewalk approaching me!

Blurry Background

First I manipulated the photograph by applying some Gessian Blur to the background. See how the kitty pops out! This was no easy task as I had to go around the cat to blur the background only. Perhaps there is way to mask the area with Procreate. I’ve yet to discover that!

Blurry Background

Glimmer of Hope

From there I added some visual effects. First the Glimmer in yellow and light green. Flare and Storm Bay were then added. So far so cool! Loving the surreal look.

Glommer of Hope

Painting the Prey

So what next? Well our little tuxedo kitty is rather hungry! And the other day, our neighbors were complaining about the cats chasing birds and eating them! And we know cats love fish and like to run after mice right? And so I began doodling away with some Gouache.

Painting the Prey

Finishing Touches

Another layer added, I drew in the details with some gel pen and additional gouache. And here it is, a simple but cute illustration on a photograph!

It’s a bit different from the type of artwork I usually do but it’s always good to experiment with new things. I’m still trying to get grips with digital painting and searching my way around. Once I get less busy after the moving, I’d like to develop my skills more and produce some stunning work!

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