Golden Autumn

Hello there, its been so hectic on my end with ongoing moving preparations. No time to paint at all this past week, whilst my new “studio” is still being organized. Tonight is the first evening in days when I can sit down and relax a bit and catch up on blogging! So now I’d like to share a cool piece I’ve done at my Tuesday evening Abstract Art classes.

Nature Walk

Actually this painting began around the same time last year. We were assigned to take a walk in the countryside during the week and come to class with leaves, twigs, nuts, pine cones and even sand and gravel, and whatever we could find. Then at class, we made a collage of them on canvas! Acrylic medium and wood glue were used to stick them on. So here I was randomly getting creative…

Nature Walk

Let’s Get Painting!

Once completely dry, which meant waiting till the next class the following week, it was time to paint over them! At first I made the background yellow by painting around the objects. Then I dabbed on various shades of metallic paint over the objects. Looks pretty doesn’t it? But was not too keen on the yellow background…

Let’s Get Painting!

Adding Seashells

And this is when the painting got cast aside for a year. Christmas came, I went on vacation at the beginning of this year and then COVID happened. Classes got sadly suspended between March and September. Once it began recently, I went back to the painting to finish where I left off. The break gave me some fresh ideas. I had with me at home a shoebox full of seashells I had picked up on the beach las summer. I was intending to use them for art at some point. At the suggestion of my tutor, I added a some to the piece.

Adding Seashells

Get Some Bling!

I still was not satisfied. It was the yellow background that was killing it. So what to do? Once again another sound advice from my tutor: cover it all up! Well actually add a coat of paint over it so that the metallic colors still show through but hides the yellow. First thing that came to mind was gold! It took a large tube of gold acrylic paint (and a bit of bronze) with lots of acrylic medium to achieve this. To make it more “wow” some gold powder pigment was mixed in. I was careful not to break the leaves as I applied the gold paint with tapping motions, but I was amazed how they stayed intact. Finally after some time of perfectly makimg sure I didn’t miss any spot, I was done!

And it was by chance that when I had a wire fixed to be able to hang the painting, the orientation was switched from landscape to portrait. Looks much better now! The painting turned out much better than I had envisioned. Making it all one color makes your eyes focus more on the texture, thereby enhancing it. I would most definitely like to experiment with similar projects. Perhaps I would use the rest of the shells I had collected!

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