Emerald Eyes

It’s been some time since last blogging let alone painting because I’m still busy with the move. All my art supplies have been packed in boxes and I’ve only managed to unpack them and am trying to reorganize myself. Soon I will have a studio in our new home and I can get down to painting again! And today I would like to share a kawaii painting I made about three weeks ago but hadn’t gotten around to blogging about.

Starting the Background

And Little One has green eyes today! In between Tracy Verdugo’s Story Painting classes I thought I’d take a little break and do something else. I resumed Juliette Crane’s Happy Painting Mini Course and now on Project 4. On some A4 size Bristol paper, various collage papers were glued around and colours drawn in with soft pastels. The center was left out where I could sketch the cute face of Little One!

Starting the Background

Painting Her Face

First I painted the face with some watercolor using yellow and pink , then drew the strands of hair with some brown oil pastels before going over the area with watercolor. The eyes were first colored with green acrylic marker but wanting more coverage I switched to Emeeald Green gouache. And hence the title of the painting! I thought it would be a good change from the usual brown.

Painting Her Face

Adding Layers

The background was then covered by finger painting on some Golden Heavy Body acrylic paint in Light Green. How cool is that! Then I also finger painted her dress with some Heavy Body acrylic in Silver. The cheeks were dabbed on with some fluorescent pink acrylic ink, with the lashes drawn with an acrylic marker. Then I drew the area in the eyes with white pastel pencil where I wanted filled in with white.

Adding Layers

Getting Pouty

The whites of the eyes were thereby painted in. I found however that the position of the eyes could have been a bit lower and figured adding a little pout might work. I hardly ever draw a mouth in my characters so this was another change for me. And it looked much more balanced. As finishing touches I added some glitter glue on the eyelashes and the edge of the dress. And now!

What fun this was! It’s not often I get to paint just the face and hence getting it right was crucial. I also love the background. Although Juliette uses oil sticks for the background, I prefer to use paint instead since oil takes ages to dry. Once again, I’m taking the initiative to substitute with preferences. I can’t wait to start painting again soon once my studio is up and running in a few weeks!

Click here for more about Juliette Crane and her amazing classes!

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