A Bit of Blackout Poetry

Following more of Tracy Verdugo’s Story Painting class, this one is not a painting as such but more an inspiration-building exercise. Chapter Two Lesson 1 involved creating some blackout poems which was so much fun!

So what exactly is blackout poetry? First we grab a book that we enjoy reading preferably a novel. Then we focus on the first word that pops out and thereby start creating an unexpected verse as we go through the page. Using those existing text from the page, isolated single words or phrases are pieced together and though random they somewhat get strung together.

Typical though. As I prepare moving homes, I went through a huge cleanup of my apartment and tossed out or gave away my old books. The remaining books are how-to books including cookbooks which are not very useful for this purpose. And so I went for a screen shot of pages from an eBook, Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Just Rewards

First Poem

After stringing the words together I began doodling around. Rabbits, bunnies and random hearts and diamonds. Then added some colour with ink.

Warriors walking across to calm and reassure

Then the diamond stared and twinkled with sudden intent

Second Poem

A bit more romantic! And so I added hearts in red and pink. And some miniature bunnies too.

Perfectly beautiful love

And hand trembled with excitement

I am free

Voice very happy

And what an interesting and amazing experiment that was! Great way to exercise your thoughts and stimulate creativity, When I have a chance I should do this more often for fun. Something different too. And I should find a second-hand book for this next time!

Click here for more on Tracy Verdugo an her amazing classes!

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