Blurry Bunnies

Though fun and loving it, following Tracy Verdugo’s 8-week Story Painting course can be quite intensive. I try and do two projects per week whilst taking a break in between by painting other things preferably not involving acrylic painting or even mixed media! Today for instance I’d like to share a digital piece I created.

Liquified Photograph

Previously I’ve shared a digital painting involving photographs I had taken myself and developed into a kawaii painting. This one I decided to manipulate to a Gessian Blur before liquifying it into twists and turns. Now what an interesting background this makes!

Liquified Photograph

Adding Bunnies

So what to paint? I was not sure so began randomly doodling whatever came to mind. I began with a bunny using a Wild Light brush, ending up with three of them! Then a flower was added. The next layer came more details to enhance the shapes with abstract brushes like Myrtle and Honeyeater.

Adding Bunnies

Making Them All Pretty

A few layers of effects were painted on. First the eyes with once again the Honeyeater brush. I then doodled some flowers and dots with a white gel pen, but still felt that the bunnies could pop out a bit more. They were then outlined with Waveform effects. Finally for better effect I brushed parts of their ears with Storm Bay. And now I think I’m happy with it so far!

A bit of a break from intensive mixed media painting, this was a refreshing change. Something more simply painted yet somewhat also cool and catchy. This is why I enjoy practicing with Procreate! For one thing, I don’t need to get my paints and brushes out but can just sit with my iPad on my lap and paint away. I shall be following a course on digital art once I’m finished with Tracy’s classes. And who knows, I might even end up creating stuff combining both!

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