My Concertina Books

Today I’m quickly sharing with you something special I created whilst following Tracy Verdugo’s Story Painting class. This is still Chapter One and the last lesson 4. Who would’ve thought I’d end up creating a concertina book?

Handmade Collage Paper

First we began by making our own collage paper using colored tissue paper. Various paint and inks were applied in acrylic and gouache. Stamps and stencils were also included. One hack Tracy introduced was making your own imprints by rubbing oil pastel with textured objects underneath. In this lesson, we used leaves!

Handmade Collage Paper
Leaf Rubbing

Side One

The created collage paper was then partially used on a large A3 mixed media paper. Following that, a variety of other collages were added like magazine clippings and paper napkins. The focus was images that have some meaning to our minds. Once happy with it, we painted around them, some even on. Just random shapes and scribbles that come to mind. Here our intuitive painting process began unraveling itself. Acrylic ink, gouache and gel pens played a role. So far amazing.

Side One

Side Two

This was the challenging part. Sketching a self-portrait. I haven’t done one since leaving school! Well I’m not sure if it looks like me at all but more like what I wish I’d look like! I then worked on the background by gluing more collages and painting around them. This side would not be as detailed as the first one.

Side Two

Cutting it Up!

And here comes another challenge: having to cut the painting up! We had to cut it in three horizontal parts. I was reluctant to do it, as I had worked so hard to paint this! So I left it overnight and the next evening I took a deep breath and took the plunge. The pieces then had to be folded to make concertina books. And to my surprise, the result turned out better than expected!

Another lesson which really opened up my horizons. Discovering myself more and releasing my hidden abilities. This certainly got me beyond my comfort zone! And now these concertina books will be used to tell stories about ourselves which Tracy will be dwelling on later in this course. I’m curious and looking forward to finding out what’s in store!

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