Dream about Doggy

A bit of a break again from mixed media painting and decided to do a kawaii pencil sketch! I had a very peculiar but sweet dream the other day. My boyfriend and I were in a park, perhaps a little picnic or something. Then he presented me with a surprise. A little doggy! A small white Labrador puppy in a blanket.

I call it peculiar because neither of us are crazy about dogs. For one thing, I’m more a cat person. And boyfriend is not a big fan of either. So what on earth possessed me to dream about it I have no idea! Perhaps it has to do with that brand of toilet paper I use? In the U.K. it’s Andrex, and in the Netherlands it’s Paige. Features a dog on the package and the paper has blue imprints of her repeated througout the roll.

Correct me if I’m mistaken but I believe the breed of this dog is Labrador Retriever. Heck, I even had to look it up and Googled it just to make sure! And now I took this opportunity to sketch about it with my set of Grafwood graphite pencils by Caran d’Ache. Love that set as they come in 15 different lead softness ranging between 9B to 4H. I had so much fun drawing about this dream! So kawaii and romantic that I’m considering creating a watercolor version of it.

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