Farm Kitten

Sadly it doesn’t look like we’re going to have any neighborhood cats around our new house. We have, though, occasionally come across a number of little cats hanging around the nearby farm searching for field mice like those pair of black ones I painted about the other day. Then we’ve also seen a few in black and white ones pit-patting along the sidewalks and crossing our path whilst we are driving. And how fascinating. Their furs resemble those of cows!

Getting Started

“Those cats are compatible with cows!” exclaimed my boyfriend. English is not his first language, but I knew what he meant. Although the cows in our background are tan-brown, we find it cute that those cats can have furs similar to the black and white cows in their white fur with black spots and blobs. And so cute that Little One now wants to play with one too! She’s so sweet that the cat just approaches her and meows. How could she resist? Hopefully she’ll come around more often to play. And then of course I went ahead to sketch about it!

Once again, a kawaii pencil sketch using my set of 15 Graphite Line pencils by Caran d’Ache. I feel I’m now getting the knack of sketching with pencils especially with the wide range of light and dark leads. It’s about practicing often! Pencil sketches, also known as dessin, are something I would like to do more frequently as I find it helps me get more familiar with light and shade. Plus I find it so relaxing! And I love combining dessin with kawaii anime!

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