It’s been a while since I’ve re recreated something from scrap paper smudged with paints. Whenever I’m painting, I tend to use another piece of paper as a palette and on that I also smear excess paint too rather than waste them. It’s so much fun trying to figure out what to do with it, and it’s amazing what one can recreate!

Scrap Paper

Adding More

This scrap paper actually came about from painting a piece whilst following one of Tracy Verdugo’s classes. Being in an intuitive state of mind, I went about adding all sorts of shapes and doodles using acrylic ink.. I love the contrasts of colors and the shapes that emerge, something I picked up from Tracy.

Adding More

Negative Space

In one of Tracy’s lessons for Jump Into Abstract Painting, we are able to see how negative space can be created. I then got inspired to follow the example as I saw some potential with this painting. Looking closely, I could see a few fishes floating around. They are hidden but soon will appear as I start painting this negative space in light blue! This color was a mixture of titanium white and a dollop of cobalt blue.

Negative Space

Finishing Touches

Feeling that something was missing, I ended up doodling some bubbles, flowers and plants on the light blue area with a white acrylic marker (Molotow). I also added another fish in Mint Green gouache on which I scratched in some stripes with a satay stick to add some texture. Just a few more details added and I was good to go!

What fun that was recreating from scrap paper! I’m also getting the knack of negative space painting, as I love the effect of it. The piece turned out beautifully with all the vivid colors against some of the darker shades like Payne’s Grey. I’ll definitely be recreating more from excess paint and scrap paper!

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