Stormy Glow

And how did I come up with this title? It was purely by chance as I was on my ipad the other day simply experimenting with the various options available on the Procreate app. One of them was a pre-set “brush” called Stormy Bay which gave an interesting effect as demonstrated below.

Electrifying Background

I was in the mood for something dark yet vibrant and then chose violet. Various effects were then added layer after layer, firstly beginning with red spires and white clay. Next layer came with blue crystals and purple paint spray. Finally I scribbled in some polygons and opticons, and now I was ready to add Little One!

Electrifying Background

Little One Beams!

I was planning to draw Little One as the next layer and began trying various brushes and effects. Then I came cross Storm Bay and was amazed at the effect. The color would somewhat interfere with the colours below although we are on a new layer and you’d think this shouldn’t happen. Despite being unintended, I thought this effect was amazing!

Little Ome Beams

Glowing More

I decided to work on it more to see what would happen and added more of the Stormy Bay, and after many trials and errors, I was finally happy with the painting. Just went over the hair and skin more and added another layer for the eyes using again the Stormy Bay. And now Little One is glowing and still looking cute!

It’s amazing what happens when just experimenting with various possibilities especially when the unexpected turns out. Meanwhile. Little One enjoyed volunteering to pose for this exciting project and would definitely do it again. And I would definitely experiment more too!

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