Walk on the Wild Side

I decided to do another painting following Tracy Verdugo’s Jump into Abstract Painting, Lesson 2. In that on-line class, we warm up by creating all kinds of shapes and doodles on paper using 2-3 colours only and keeping in mind opposites and contrasts as we go by.

The Beginning

So here I used Cansons Watercolor Paper in A3 size and 300 gsm. I love my papers thick for mixed media work! Three colours were used here, Silver, Payne’s Grey and Quinacridone Pink. First made a Pink imprint using another paper then brushing a dark contrasting color like Payne’s Grey across while the pink is still wet for an interesting effect. I then stencilled in some patterns with silver. This was followed by just randomly playing around with the three shades. Occasionally I sprayed some water and watched the paints drip down…

The Beginning

Adding Collages

Initially I was going to develop this piece into a negative space painting as per Tracy’s class. However I didn’t know how to go about my next step so I just let nature take its course. I didn’t really like the position of dark flower and then flipped the paper upside down. Now that’s better! And now how about some collages? The other day, I walked into a shop merely to collect some parcels and noticed a basket full of paper napkins on sale. So pretty, I thought, so hoarded a few packets of them. And now I wanted to use them here. I loved the pink flamingo and tropical flowers to name a few. And then the cat! Now we’re talking.

Adding Collages

Further Developments

Still uncertain what should follow, I just kept on adding more, introducing more colors like green and fluorescent pink inks and mint green gouache. At this point, I thiught the painting looked too nice to “waste” on negative space because I liked the way it was. I did feel though that the painting could do a bit more with the white spaces and hence brushed a yellow glaze on the sides. Final touches were made by doodling some flowers and circles with white gel pen on the Payne Grey areas I felt were too harsh. And now!

When following a class, I tend to do things a bit differently rather than trying to emulate the instructor’s work. That’s part of being creative! I take classes as a means to discover new ideas and methods and to jump start my creativity. Then I play things by ear, developing into my own style rather than someone else’s. And hence the title, Walk on the Wild Side to describe the cat walking in the wilderness and symbolically me going my own way out of the zone!

For more on Tracy Verdugo, please click here.

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