Field Bunny

My first ever painting in our new home! Actually we haven’t moved in yet. Far from that! While I wait for my apartment in Amsterdam to sell, we like to visit our new home everyday and just chill if we are not working on the interior designing. I brought with me of course a few art supplies like markers, watercolors and pencils to keep myself creative. Nothing messy yet, as the acrylic paints and mixed media stuff I do at the present home.

Spotted a Bunny!

In our back garden and across from the brook we not only have the view of cows. We’ve spotted a rabbit a few times too! It was my boyfriend who first spotted her. He has an eye for noticing animals quickly. And there she was, a kawaii brown one, munching on grass. And so my inspiration for my first painting in our new home! I started with a sketch with graphite pencil on my small Strathmore’s Visual Journal Sketchbook. Big bunny with two small cows behind her, how cute!

Pencil Sketch

Paint Away!

I used my portable pan of watercolors by Sennelier and brush pen for the colors. This time, I still remembered that the cows were brown rather than the “conventional” white with black blobs. And the bunny was brown, maybe a bit darker than in the painting. For fun I made her eyes a pretty emerald green. The whites of her eyes, also for the cows, were dotted in with gel pen. Finally, I used a fine point of a Sepia-colored felt marker for the lashes. And here we are!

A quick and easy painting again. Here I wanted to reintroduce myself to the Sennelier watercolors and get accustomed to brush pens again. And I’m pleased with the results. Whilst I am hanging out in my new place for the day, I will be doing more watercolors as well as drawings with markers and coloured pencils. And of course I’ll be getting even more creative by combining them!

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