Field Cats

More cats again! It doesn’t look like we’re going to have many cats meandering around our new neighborhood. So I’m really going to miss the likes of Ginger. And that black cat who occasionally crosses the path whilst I’m driving but still gives no bad luck. A bit empty without neighborhood cats, I thought. Then one morning, as we were driving towards our new house, we passed some farm fields. And my boyfriend pointed out, “Look, a cat! And another one!” Sure enough, there were two black cats bobbing up and down as they wandered around searching for mice!

Let’s Paint About It!

And of course I had that theme in mind for my next painting. I grabbed my iPad that evening and on the Procreate app, drew away. The background started with blue on which for Layer 1 I scribbled in some light green paint before adding some Hessian patterns.


Playing with Grass

In the app exists a number of interesting effects with which I experimented. Clouds were dotted on in the sky followed by Swordgrass for the Layer 2. Then I discovered other effects to enhance further the grass by combining Hessian, Swordgrass and Wild-grass as Layer 3.

Playing with Grass

Time for the Cats to Play!

And now the fun part, drawing the cats! Once again, I wanted to try a different medium from what I’m used to so went for Moorilla ink drawing for the two black cats. The gap between the two kitties, though, was bothering me. Rather than add a third cat, I drew a little grey mouse and hope that the cats don’t find the poor little creature! As a final Layer, I dotted in the eyes and whiskers with gel pen. Et voilà!

Once again, a simple digital painting. I was just curious about the different options available on the app and especially wanted to experiment creating grass with some visual texture. And of course, after noticing no neighbourhood cats around our new place, who can resist painting about the two black cats roaming in the nearby field?

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