Praying for Ginger

Oh no! A few days ago, I got the news from the guy next door that Ginger, our sweet little neighborhood cat, has been in hospital undergoing an operation. She was apparently bitten by a dog. Although we are told she is doing fine, I can’t help feeling sad, worried and even angry because a dog bit her. I haven’t heard anything since but I assume she is currently recouperating. That of course inspired me to paint to send my prayers for her swift recovery!

Pencil Sketch

This time, I made a small painting using my Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal (14 x 20.3 cm, 190 gsm). The pencil sketch was firstly done using aquarelle colored pencils, Prismalo by Caran d’ache. It depicts Little One crying and praying with poor little Ginger in her thoughts.

Pencil Sketch

Watercolor Painting

Before painting, I firstly traced over some areas with markers. Faber Castell’s Pitt Artists Pens are based on India Ink and are hence permanent and waterproof. Areas included hair, eyes and sleeves of the dress. Once painting, I started with the face using Caran d’Ache Neocolor II water-soluble oil pastels. This was followed by the background using Sennelier watercolors. I then used a series of water-based mediums like Neocolor II for the hair and “thought bubble” and Winsor & Newton watercolor for Ginger and Little One’s dress.


Final Details

At last the eyes and whiskers of Ginger! They were drawn in with markers. Wanting to fill in the empty space on the bottom right, I doodled in some flowers with markers as well. Once again, Faber Castell’s Pitt Artists Pens were used. And now…

Poor Ginger! But painting about her and how I’m really feeling helped me deal with the sorrow better. In terms of techniques, watercolors and markers are also a wonderful combination to work with especially for simple illustrations like this. I really hope Ginger recouperates quickly so we could see her meandering around as her mischievous self again. Let’s pray together for Ginger!

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